Journey From Heartbreak & Fear To Self-Love

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“The world is an illusion, it works by magic, which is perception.
As you perceive, so you create your world.”

In this novel, readers will accompany Alex as Mark teaches him the Process. This set of time-tested principles promises a fulfilling life to anyone willing to put in the work. Through love and fear, success and failure, and one very dark night, Mark shepherds Alex with timeless wisdom and hard-won truths—until Alex is left to face his most trying battle alone.

About the author.

Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA is an entrepreneur, speaker, attorney, and best-selling author.

As a former top Tony Robbins coach, Alex motivates people to improve their lives. In addition to his business pursuits, Alex is also certified in neuro-linguistic programming and practices a range of personal development disciplines, including relationship-based focusing, internal family systems, and insight meditation. His website is

His upcoming book is My Uncle The Magician.

He is the visionary/CEO at All-Star Dental Academy and the Dental All-Stars podcast host, with a combined reach of over 100,000 per year. He holds an MBA and law degree from Florida International University.

His ultimate goal is to help others cultivate abundance and fulfillment in their lives. Alex lives in Florida with his wife Heather, son Zachary, and two dogs: Golden Retriever Murphy &  Jack Russell Morty.

Alex Nottingham

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