Ode To The Inner Critic

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Enjoy a poetic reflection on the inner critic, acknowledging its presence and importance in shaping one’s perception of the world from a young age as a means of protection. It describes the evolution of the inner critic from a fierce dragon to a gentle puppy dog, highlighting the transformative power of self-awareness and acceptance. The inner critic is recognized as a natural part of the journey toward wholeness and love, with the poem ultimately expressing gratitude and acceptance towards this internal voice, embracing its role in personal growth and self-understanding.

Ode To The Inner Critic:

Oh, land of the inner critics. I welcome and appreciate thee.

You have been born when I was young to protect me. A scary and dangerous world it can seem, parents who did not know, friends that come and go. You were desperately needed and here you are in all your glory.

Welcome to the one that demands I do it right. I see you.

Welcome to the one that wants me to get a lot done. I see you.

Welcome to the one that sets a high standard so I don’t miss out on my potential. I see you.

Welcome to the one that doubts me. I see you.

In each of you, there is a positive intent rooted deeply.

I have witnessed many of you soften and even transform.

The destroyer that took on the form of a dragon. Then, you softened to a wolf. How you wanted to punish me, how you hated me. I stayed with you. I embraced you. And now, you chose the form of a puppy dog, cute, warm, and cuddly.

The inner mentor and in the inner champion. I see that many of you had roots as an inner critic. You changed. I recognize your nature is to change. I recognize your nature is to move towards wholeness and love.

Oh, inner critics, you were born in a place of fear and sorrow.

You hid yourselves. You stayed in the darkness.

Exit the night. Enter the LIGHT.

Your destiny is metamorphosis—to begin in unconsciousness and emerge as knights of peace, joy, and loving kindness.

This is your journey. You are free to change in your own time, in your own way. You can be as you are, as long as you need to be.

I humbly apologize to the critics to whom I rejected or tried to push away. I did not see, but now I do.

I know you will never leave me. I will never leave you.